How do I get to 110% accuracy?

7.0 Accuracy Recommendations #

The target accuracy for endgame PVE (operations) content in game update 7.0 is 2,694 points. Accuracy is a stat required to offset the 10% chance to defend of operations bosses. If you run only PVP or open world content, you can get away with less than 110% accuracy and be fine.

Which items and gear have accuracy? #

In 7.0, each DPS gear set (of four total) has two gear pieces with accuracy:

  • Boltblaster: Chest, Legs
  • Targeter: Head, Feet
  • Pummeler: Hands, Legs
  • Force-Lord: Head, Chest

Earpieces and implants also offer more options for accuracy, though it’s important to note that legendary items do NOT have accuracy. You also will not receive accuracy on your main hands or offhands.

As such if you have two pieces of gear with accuracy and want to reduce your accuracy augment costs, utilize an accuracy earpiece to supplement your stats.

Therefore, in order to reach the 110% threshold, you will need your two gear pieces, an optional ear piece, and fill the rest out with augments. Grophets Guides recommends using Superior Accuracy Augment 77 (Gold Augs) or Advanced Accuracy Augment 74 (Purple Augs). Additionally, try to run an Advanced Proficient Kyrprax Stim (Yellow Stim) for the extra 264 accuracy.

There are minor differences in stats from set piece to set piece however you also have the option of piecing together accuracy pieces from other sets (i.e. hands from the Pummeler set and a head piece from the Force-Lord set). While this won’t give you the most coherent gearing, do what works for you.

Accuracy Cheat Sheet #

Feel free to share this image (and the explanation below, which is formatted for Discord) within your SWTOR communities. Happy raiding!

accuracy cheat sheet
Cheat Sheet for 110% accuracy. Feel free to share it!
**__Basic Accuracy Build Information for SWTOR 7.0__**

Here's a quick cheat sheet to help you reach 110% (2694) accuracy for operations content. These are OPTIONAL builds that are dependent on your available augments, gear rating and tier & stims. This assumes you have minimum 320 gear, are using a yellow kyrprax stim and have access to either 74 or 77 augments.

- Your baseline target is 2694 points. More is fine, though that is considered stat loss. Just under is okay too, though this may result in the occasional miss.
- Try to use the latest tier of stims (Kyrprax) and purple 74 or gold 77 augments.
- Typical endgame DPS builds will include both accuracy gear pieces and an ear piece, with augs and a stim filling out the rest of your accuracy stat.
- Each DPS gear type (Boltblaster, Force Lord, Targeter, Pummeler) has 2 pieces with accuracy. The total amount depends on the tier and item rating. Which gear type has accuracy on which piece is listed on the diagram. You also have the option to include an earpiece which will reduce your required augment investment, though these stats are not listed on the image. You are also not restricted to wearing gear from only one category (i.e. if you need more accuracy, you can run Targeter boots on a character that would otherwise use Pummeler gear).

**Last considerations**
- Not all iRatings listed may be readily accessible in game.
- Evaluate and modify stats only when you are level 80 and in a level 80 area.
- Not concerned with min-maxing but want to run operations? Simply reach a minimum 2694 accuracy. More is better than less.
- Healers and tanks do not need accuracy.

More Resources #

Thanks #

A quick thank you to these individuals who contributed to finding this information for 7.0 usage:

  • SWTOR Theorycrafters
  • Nyyah for providing level 80 stat formulas
  • Khazad Sanci for checking my work, as always
  • Jedipedia
Updated on March 2, 2022