Is power or mastery better in SWTOR?

In most cases, you’ll find that the distribution between Power and Mastery is not something worth focusing on when you’re gearing. High Power and Mastery are often byproducts of choosing the correct gear for the style of content you’re doing.

If you’re running capped level content (below level 80), level sync will adjust your stats according to the level of the location/content you are running. This “stat squish” occurs on all stats, whether primary, secondary or tertiary.

As of game update 7.0, limitations in gearing means that you have very limited choices for min-maxing select stat pools. Modular gear, which allows you to replace the armoring, mods and enhancements, is only available at the highest levels (Rakata gear, which drops from master mode operations). Moreover, the required investment in Accuracy for DPS in particular may hobble your ability to dump extra points into Power or Mastery.

When it comes to the value of Power or Mastery over the other, you’ll find that Mastery is slightly better than Power over the course of many fights. Healers in particular benefit from Mastery slightly more than other classes, as it has a direct effect on both bonus healing and critical chance. If you are primarily a PVP player, you may see significant returns from investment in Power, however, as you don’t need to dump as many points into Accuracy and have greater leeway with the augments you choose to supplement your stat pool with.

Updated on February 18, 2022